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  • RA95 active zinc oxide

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    RA95 active zinc oxide

    Zhaoqing Xinrunfeng High-tech Materials Co., Ltd.

    Details description

    Zhaoqing Xinrunfeng High-tech Materials Co., Ltd.

    Characteristics of RA95 glaze active zinc oxide

    *High temperature melting effect: modified ammonium zinc, high thermal conductivity, high activity at high temperature, effectively reduce the glaze viscosity.

    *Strong activity and good color development: it can replace 99% to 99.5% calcined zinc oxide with the ratio of 1:1, and the color development effect remains unchanged.

    *Stable performance of glaze slurry: the flow rate is 11.5 seconds, the glaze slurry is not thixotropic, and the flow rate is stable after long time storage

    *Cost effective: the cost of zinc oxide for glaze can be reduced by about 20%.

    *Mature products: from 2019 to now, it has sold more than 25000 tons, and the market application feedback is good

    *High compatibility of glaze: more than 80% of the mainstream glaze formulation in the market can be replaced by 1 to 1 or fine adjustment compatibility.

    *Stable composition and environmental protection: in addition, it contains 0.3% sodium, 0.5% calcium, 0.4% magnesium and 0.6% silicon. The content of heavy metal is up to the standard of 0.04% for lead and 0.00009% for cadmium.

    *With antibacterial effect: the particle diameter is 6.5 μ m, with the electronic structure of semiconductor catalyst. As a strong oxidant, it can complete the explanation of organic matter and kill bacteria and viruses.

    When the general zinc oxide is heated to 600 degrees, it will appear dark yellow and reach the active state. Our zinc oxide at room temperature is dark yellow, in the active state. It can instantly melt, high thermal conductivity, high activity, effectively reduce the glaze viscosity. The flow rate is 11.5 seconds, the glaze slurry is not thixotropic, and the flow rate is stable after a long time.

    Application areas

    Zhaoqing Xinrunfeng High-tech Materials Co., Ltd.

    RA95 active zinc oxide has the dual properties of nano materials and traditional zinc oxide. Compared with traditional zinc oxide products, its particle size distribution is more suitable for ceramic glaze with high chemical activity and low harmful impurities.

    According to the characteristics of fast firing and high-temperature melting of ceramic glaze, the RA95 active zinc oxide can rapidly reduce the high-temperature viscosity of the glaze at high temperature and keep the glaze with good transparency, high gloss and hardness; At the same time, the modification on the nano lattice makes the product have photochemical effect and better UV shielding performance, and the UV shielding rate is as high as 98%; At the same time, it is also a health grade low lead and low cadmium zinc oxide, and has a series of unique properties such as antibacterial, antibacterial, deodorant and anti enzyme. In addition to the 1:1 replacement of the conventional 99.5 calcined zinc oxide in ceramic glaze and additional unique functions, it is also used in the preparation of high-efficiency photocatalyst, special ceramics, wear-resistant rubber, antistatic plastic, conductive materials, lightning rod parts Photocatalyst is also widely used.


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