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  • 99.8% Heavy Nano ZnO

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    99.8% Heavy Nano ZnO

    Zhaoqing Xinrunfeng High-tech Materials Co., Ltd.

    Details description

    Zhaoqing Xinrunfeng High-tech Materials Co., Ltd.
    Product Name: 5G electromagnetic grade 99.8% zinc oxide
    Main content: ZnO ≥ 99.8%

    Note: the specific gravity is adjustable from 2.3 to 2.9. The average particle size can be 0.7 μm, 1 μm, 3 μm, 5 μm, 8 μm and 10 μm.

    Zinc oxide has a strong role in the glaze melting, which can reduce the expansion coefficient of the glaze, improve the thermal stability of the product, increase the gloss and whiteness of the glaze, improve the strength of the glaze, and increase the luster of the glaze color while expanding the melting range.

    Application areas

    Zhaoqing Xinrunfeng High-tech Materials Co., Ltd.
    High end ceramic factory, glaze factory, pigment factory, electronic silica gel, 5g electronic grade, advanced resistor, advanced lightning rod and other high-end applications.

    Zinc oxide for advanced ceramics is an important ceramic chemical solvent raw material, which is widely used in building ceramic wall and floor tile glaze and low temperature ceramic glaze. Zinc oxide is also widely used in art glaze. In ceramic industry, zinc oxide is widely used in translucent glaze of brick and tile glaze and coarse pottery, and transparent coarse glaze or cooked glaze of process dishes.

    Packing and transportation: packing with inner plastic and outer woven moisture-proof bags or iron drums, net weight of each bag is 50kg, net weight of each barrel is 25kg.

    Storage conditions: store in a ventilated, cool and dry warehouse. The package should be sealed firmly to prevent damage. Keep away from heat, water and moisture, and keep away from strong acid and edible materials.

    Zhaoqing Xinrunfeng High-tech Materials Co., Ltd.

    Zhaoqing Xinrunfeng High-tech Materials Co., Ltd.

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